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Kuwu (Shandong) Technology Co.,Ltd is a limited liability company established and existing under the laws of China, mainly relying on the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology for innovative intelligent building system development, building software development, building materials and building components research and development, production and installation.

KUWU have a new invention of fast assemlby All Aluminum structure modular building system , which is a historic revolution for buildig indrustry.

This system has the potential to replace traditional building systems in masonry, reinforced concrete and traditional timber or steel frames. The systems components are all manufactured in factory production line environments, all prefinished, packed into shipping containers in their correct sequence and delivered to the building site ready for assembly. As the onsite works are reduced to assembly only this dramatically reduces the onsite build time and the labour cost.

Our System is lighter yet stronger because of its unique geometry and efficient use of materials. Our System is made up of components that are all light enough and small enough to be man handled and all components fit neatly into a standard shipping container.

Our System is manufactured to millimetre tolerances using the latest casting and extrusion technologies and maintaining a high level of quality control. Our System is almost 100% dismountable and reusable.

A house or Apartment can be assembled in two weeks generally without skilled workers. Refer to the installation manual provided by us, anyone can assemble his own house like Lego. There is no need for large-scale installation machinery. The heaviest parts are 30kg, and all parts are Clicked together like an assembled Toy. Environmental protection and energy saving, no construction waste, all components can be recycled. Good heat preservation and insulation performance, excellent seismic performance, insect resistance, anti-corrosion, wind resistance, sound insulation effect. The building structure is assembled with aluminum lightweight components, and the wall material is high-strength Aluminum-plastic composit material, which can improve the indoor heat insulation effect.

Our System is suitable for any type of ground condition . We use only a limited number of simple components with our in-house 3D design software program it is possible to achieve a seemingly endless number of design alternatives. This allows designers to work in a full, on screen, 3D environment choosing preassembled components from our comprehensive 3D libraries. Designers can generate solutions with amazing speed and accuracy providing on completion full component lists with instant cost analysis.

KUWU new building system is a Revolutionary architectural form with unique connection technology, standardized module components, easy to achieve intelligence. Our invention patents are protected through the internationally recognized Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT system and have been registered in 122 countries and regions around the world.

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