1.KUWU First fast assemlby Aluminum Frame Prototype building finished in Weifang

2.Aluminum Frame Struture modular buildings advantage compare with traditonal buildings

3.KUWU Team Visit Our Extrusion Aluminum Partners in Longkou

4.Advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated buildings

5.A new coronavirus epidemic, let us know the importance of Ventilation System!

6.KUWu Team visit the site to set up another prototype home building in Binhai Weifang.

7.Characteristics of container modular building

8.Will modular integrated housing (prefabricated building) be the mainstream of architecture in the future?

9.Advantages of aluminum gusset plate ceiling

10.The implementation of prefabricated modular home buildings can take technological improvements as a breakthrough in reducing construction costs.

11.Seven mistakes about passive house!

12.Is it feasible to develop prefabricated buildings in rural areas?

13.All aluminum home furnishing industry has a broad market prospect

14.Is prefabricated modular building suitable for rural development

15.Green Building Design Concept

16.Analysis on the development trend of contemporary housing

17.Reasons why light steel structure houses are not popular in China

18.The application prospect of green building in the construction of new countryside

19. Kuwu Team held outdoor activities for cherry picking.

20.Prefabricated interior wall panels are the development trend of prefabricated buildings

21.Analysis of the development status and prospects of the green building industry

22.Modular building is the future development trend

23.Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Prefabricated buildings are the development direction of rural housing, which has been promoted in Hebei and other places

24.Why build a new ecology of the construction industry Internet platform?

25.Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Mobile Homes

26.The light steel villa is the product of the development of modern society.