KUWU Modular Aluminum Structure buildings System

The so-called modular home is to divide the components of the house into different functional modules, and use standardized, modular, and universal production to achieve factory manufacturing. The house can be assembled on-site at any time and place, and the entire process can be completed in only a few hours. The modular integrated building completely subverts the traditional home construction and non-recyclable model. It can be simple, retro, habitable, entertainable, and can be used for special purposes. Easy to transport, install, remove, and reuse. The invention and advancement of science and technology provide technical support for the module integrated construction, create various types of buildings that are free and changeable, scientific and intelligent, dancing in harmony with nature, and integrating modern and traditional craftsmanship.  

Traditional construction methods are very labor intensive, and cause polution.
Modular building components are produced in a modern factory and the skill focus is transferred from the construction site back to the factory
Revolutionary architectural form, unique connection technology, standardized components, easy to achieve intelligence. Our invention patents are protected through the internationally recognized Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT system and have been registered in 122 countries and regions around the world.
The Cubit Multistorey new building structure is a new invention, which is more suitable for the construction of new urbanization and affordable housing. The building structure is assembled with aluminum lightweight components, and the wall material is high-strength Aluminum-plastic composit material, which can improve the indoor heat insulation effect.
The design software we developed will be freely available on the platform. Consumers can design their own homes in the future, and customize the production and installation of system components and smart homes through the platform.
The use of high-strength composite wall materials, new insulation technologies and new energy systems, and the lightweight modularity make our systems more suitable for use in extreme climates and remote areas
The unique footing system accumulates technological content and does not require large tools and mechanical installations. The stable performance ensures the firmness and toughness of the building and improves efficiency.
The novel stair system can adjust the slope without replacing the components, which is more suitable for consumers' wishes.
It can be connected and built like Lego, economical and time-saving; the unique three-dimensional structural components make the connection between the beam and the column stronger; the ultra-light panel is both insulated and soundproof and easy to install.