This is the four Residential Project house we have built in Weifang city. aluminum alloy prefabricated buildings have the following advantages: ◆ light weight, high strength, changeable color and shape ◆ aluminum can be recycled, with high recycling value ◆ aluminum material is green and environmentally friendly, without construction waste and damaging the natural environment ◆ five defensive features: 16 level wind protection, 8 level earthquake protection, 2 level lightning protection, 4 level fire protection, thermal insulation ◆ moisture proof, corrosion-resistant, moth free, easy to maintain ◆ durable, up to more than 50 years of service life, bearing capacity up to 350kg / ㎡ ◆ not affected by weather and terrain, it can be applied to the coastal, mountainous, lakeside, forest and other topographical environment and extreme weather ◆ warm and comfortable indoor prefabricated decoration, optional with home system, intelligent ecosystem (solar energy, water treatment), etc

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Tomato Village Project Anshang Lake Residential Wali Resort Project