A new coronavirus epidemic, let us know the importance o fVentilation System!

During the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, in addition to "less going out" every day, we also have three important matters: wearing masks, washing hands frequently and ventilation. It's understandable to go out less, wear masks and wash hands more often, but why ventilate more? Window ventilation can dilute harmful substances (including viruses) in the air and reduce the risk of disease. Therefore, both experts and doctors have been calling for proper ventilation.

However, it is still in the heating season. The cold weather, coupled with the haze from time to time, is not suitable for window ventilation. However, if there is a fresh air system, ventilation can be achieved without opening windows to ensure indoor health.

What is the fresh air system? Simply speaking, the fresh air system is to replace the indoor air 24 hours without opening windows. When the indoor dirty air is discharged to the outdoor, the outdoor air is purified through the filter screen layer by layer, and the haze, dust and other pollutants are filtered out, then the fresh air is extradited to the indoor, so as to achieve the continuous circulation of indoor exhaust and air inlet. How important is the fresh air system?

The Ventilation System has become the standard configuration of huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals. Zhang Liubo, chief disinfection expert of China CDC, stressed in an interview that "we can reduce the disordered indoor air overflow by increasing the fresh air volume".

What are the benefits of the fresh air system?

1. Ventilation without opening windows Opening windows and ventilation will bring various pollutants outside, such as dust, automobile exhaust, industrial exhaust, pollen, restaurant fume, etc., making the home especially dirty and the air is very poor. And some houses are not well ventilated, even if the windows are hard to ventilate. When the fresh air system is installed, there is no need to worry about whether to open windows or not. Under the condition of no windows, the fresh air system directly filters out the harmful substances in the air through the filter screen, transports the fresh air into the room, and exhausts the dirty air in the room, so as to realize the 24-hour cycle air exchange and keep the room full of fresh air all the time.

2. Remove indoor formaldehyde Nowadays, everyone talks about the color change of formaldehyde. How to remove formaldehyde is the most concerned thing. For this reason, hundreds of ways are taken: vinegar fumigation, onion, grapefruit peel, candle lighting, green plants In fact, it is a more realistic and efficient solution to install home fresh air system at home. The fresh air system is a special indoor ventilation and exhaust equipment, which can make people keep the indoor ventilation without opening windows, so as to effectively eliminate indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants.

3. anti haze In recent years, the haze pollution is serious, especially in the northern region. Every autumn and winter, the haze frequently swipes the screen. It is undeniable that in China, the fresh air system is only because of the haze that it began to enter the public's vision rapidly. The household fresh air system integrates the function of "ventilation + purification". At the same time of effective ventilation, the high-efficiency filter screen in the machine can effectively filter out PM2.5 in the external air to ensure the cleanness of the air entering the room.

4. Remove harmful gas In addition to PM2.5, the pollutants in the air also include automobile exhaust, industrial exhaust and other harmful gases. When we breathe these gases, our bodies are also greatly damaged. Therefore, langkong intelligent wall mounted fresh air system can not only ensure that the air introduced is clean, but also squeeze out the indoor polluted air through micro positive pressure.