Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Mobile Homes

KUWU uses aluminum as the material, and combines the advantages of light and strong aluminum, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, strong plasticity, environmental protection and remanufacturing, etc., to create an original aluminum alloy structure modular building system.

Advantages of Mobile Homes

1. Modular

The structural system of KUWU aluminum house, including the ground, wall, roof, platform, balcony railings, stairs and other structural components can be assembled modularly, and the whole house can be prefabricated in the factory.

2. Movable

In the end, the user only needs to transport the prefabricated house to the site for assembly by crane and trailer, and build the house like building blocks.

3. The shape is changeable

The flexible and changeable modular system enables users to build houses of different colors, shapes, and floors, with infinite possibilities for construction.

4. Fast installation

The landing time only takes one day, and the factory prefabrication takes less than 20 days. Quick profit and quick return on investment.

5. Durable

Aluminum is moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can be easily maintained without worrying about rusting.

6. Environmentally friendly and sustainable development

The recycling value of aluminum is as high as 90%, and it is an environmentally friendly metal material. And the construction process does not need to destroy the land, and it can be adapted in combination with different terrains to meet the construction needs of different environments such as seaside, woods, rocks, and rough roads.

Application scenarios
From aluminum materials to innovative aluminum houses, KUWU designs mobile spaces through aluminum houses, which can be applied to mobile tourism, mobile hotels, mobile catering, mobile displays, mobile shops and other occasions.