Aluminum Frame Structure modular Buildings Advantage compare with traditional buildings:

 Compared with traditional building materials (reinforced concrete / light steel / wood, etc.), aluminum alloy frame buildings have the following advantages: ◆ light weight, high strength, changeable color and shape ◆ aluminum can be recycled, with high recycling value ◆ fast installation and labor cost saving ◆ aluminum material is green and environmentally friendly, without construction waste and damaging the natural environment ◆ five defensive features: 16 level wind protection, 8 level earthquake protection, 2 level lightning protection, 4 level fire protection, thermal insulation ◆ moisture proof, corrosion-resistant, moth free, easy to maintain ◆ durable, up to more than 50 years of service life, bearing capacity up to 350kg / ㎡ ◆ not affected by weather and terrain, it can be applied to the coastal, mountainous, lakeside, forest and other topographical environment and extreme weather ◆ warm and comfortable indoor prefabricated decoration, optional with home system, intelligent ecosystem (solar energy, water treatment), etc

Ecological environmental protection 100% of the materials can be recycled; Dry operation during construction to save water; Energy saving and heat preservation The roof and wall are made of new thermal insulation and energy-saving materials to form a thermal insulation layer; The wall is fully enclosed with heat insulation and moisture-proof system, forming no "cold bridge" effect Seismic and wind resistant The steel structure system is designed according to the parameters of the area with seismic intensity of 9 degrees. When an earthquake occurs, it will only deform and will not collapse; After the completion of construction, the "slab rib structure system" has certain ductility and flexibility, which can withstand the typhoon of grade 12 Durable design service life of 90 years, 70 years of structure guarantee, The construction is fast, the modular integrated building is assembled and spliced now, which saves 50% of the construction period compared with the traditional concrete structure; sound insulation Wall sound insulation: more than 45dB (four-star hotel standard) Floor sound insulation: 65dB (five-star hotel standard) Private customization is well compatible with smart home devices Compatible with solar system; Central air conditioning system; Intelligent home system