Reasons why light steel structure houses are not popular in China

I think the reasons why light steel houses are rare in the country are similar to the situation of knowing several problems, such as why tampons, dishwashers, etc. are not used in China. It is not that these things are not good enough, but that the domestic market has not yet been accepted for the time being. The light steel structure housing system is very close to the wood structure housing, and the advantages and disadvantages are basically similar. In the North American market, wood structure is basically the mainstream, the reason is simple, where wood is cheap, and steel structure has no economic advantage. In Japan, the share of light steel will be more. Advantages: good structural performance, light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, recyclable steel, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly factory processing than masonry and concrete, quality guaranteed, light weight, low basic cost, short on-site construction site, no wet work on site, no dust, no Pollution structural members such as sewage are small in cross-section, the pillars are thin, the walls are thin, and the construction area is large. The disadvantages (some are called inaccurate and should be called the reason why they are not suitable for the domestic market) require skilled workers to install. Industrial matching, such as prefabricated wall panels, roof panels, wall insulation materials, fireproof materials. The concrete and masonry structure forms that are popular in China at present, the walls are basically on-site wet masonry, while the light steel structure requires dry prefabricated wall panels. The matching of interior decoration materials, devices and methods is required, such as the method of installing the water heater, air conditioner, and picture frame on the prefabricated wall panel and the method currently installed on the masonry wall are still very different. Surface waterproofing method, soundproofing method, etc. Regular inspection and maintenance are required, because the durability of steel is still not as good as concrete, not as "spicy" as concrete