Advantages of aluminum gusset plate ceiling


1. The aluminum gusset plate is made of aluminum alloy. The density of the material itself is small. Under the condition of the same specification gusset plate and the same rigidity, the aluminum gusset plate ceiling has the advantage of lighter quality. Generally, the average weight of each aluminum gusset plate is about 8.5Kg, which has little damage to the roof of the house;

2. When we choose the ceiling material of the toilet, the priority is whether it has good waterproof performance. The toilet is rich in water and heavy in moisture. If the material is not suitable, it will not only damage the decoration effect of the ceiling, but also be troublesome to repair again, so it is better to choose it at one time. At present, the surface of aluminum gusset plate is mainly made of punching and plane. The punching surface has the function of synchronization and attraction. A layer of film cushion will be laid in the plate. The moisture can be absorbed by the film through punching. It will be installed in the humid environment such as toilet, which will have better protection effect;

3. People often compare aluminum gusset plate to "the hat of kitchen and bathroom", because aluminum gusset plate has better protection performance and beautification and decoration function to kitchen and toilet. Aluminum gusset plate is made of selected high polymer plastics and high polymer materials by hot pressing. It has strong fastness, small thermal conductivity, and dual performance of metal and plastic sound insulation and heat insulation;


4. The aluminum gusset plate is made of all metal, the core layer is polyethylene, and the surface is non combustible aluminum plate. The production process is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, fire-proof and heat insulation, and meets the requirements of fire resistance;


5. The aluminum gusset plate ceiling also has the advantages of strong plasticity of aluminum alloy. It has been processed into rich shapes by cutting, sawing, milling, punching, pressing, folding, bending and other processes. For the surface, there are heat transfer printing, glaze, ink printing, mirror surface and 3D and other popular processing technologies in recent years. The pattern of the board is various, meeting the aesthetic requirements of different aesthetic families.