Characteristics of container modular building

Modular container building adopts off-site construction, which has the following advantages:

a) Faster

Modular container construction is 40-60% faster than the traditional construction method, and the delivery time can be reliably predicted and controlled.

b) Cost effectiveness

In the past, the cost of general modular building technology was higher than that of traditional building technology (such as brick concrete structure). Now, the new modular container building adopts innovative technology, which reduces the cost of modular building. Compared with the traditional brick and concrete buildings of the same scale, the economic benefit is better.

c) Reduce dependence on skilled workers

Modular container rooms can be manufactured in the factory, with specialized division of labor, and a large number of semi skilled workers can be used, thus reducing the dependence on increasingly rare skilled branch workers.

d) Safe construction method

It has been proved that modular container building is a safe construction method. Compared with the traditional building method, it uses fewer parts.

e) Better quality

Modular container building modules are manufactured in a factory. The factory environment and indoor construction conditions will ensure that its quality is easier to control and improve, defects are reduced, and product reliability is improved. At the same time, it has high production efficiency.

f) Environmental protection and sustainable development

Modular container buildings are environmentally friendly: off-site components require far less energy than on-site components. During site construction, waste can be reduced by 70%. The sound insulation and heat insulation performance of modular container building is better than that of traditional buildings, and the daily energy consumption can be reduced, which meets the requirements of the development of sustainable reading.

g) Reduce interference

The construction period of modular container building is short, which reduces the interference to nearby enterprises and residents.