Green building design concept includes the following aspects:


Energy saving: make full use of solar energy, adopt energy-saving building envelope and heating and air conditioning to reduce the use of heating and air conditioning. According to the principle of natural ventilation, the air cooling system is set up, so that the building can effectively use the dominant wind direction in summer. The building adopts the plane form and general layout adapted to the local climate conditions.

Saving resources: in the selection of architectural design, construction and building materials, the rational use and disposal of resources are considered. We should reduce the use of resources and strive to make them renewable. Save water resources, including water for greening.

Return to nature: the external environment of green buildings should be integrated with the surrounding environment, harmonious and consistent, dynamic and static complementary, so as to protect the natural ecological environment.

Comfortable and healthy living environment: building materials and decoration materials harmful to human body are not used inside the building. The indoor air is fresh, the temperature and humidity are appropriate, so that the residents feel good, physical and mental health.

The construction features of green building include: clear requirements for the geographical conditions of the building, no toxic and harmful substances in the soil, proper ground temperature, pure groundwater and moderate geomagnetism.

Natural materials shall be used as far as possible for green buildings. The wood, bark, bamboo, stone, lime, paint, etc. used in the building shall be inspected and treated to ensure that they are harmless to human body. According to the geographical conditions, green buildings should also be equipped with solar heating, hot water, power generation and wind power generation devices to make full use of the natural renewable energy provided by the environment.

With the global warming, the attention of the world to building energy conservation is increasing. It is more and more recognized that CO2 produced by building energy is the main source of climate warming. Energy saving building has become an inevitable trend of building development, and green building has emerged.

Green building should walk out of three misunderstandings

Green doesn't mean high price and high cost

In the era when real estate sales are popular with advertising bombardment and concept hype, "green building" has become a catchy new word for real estate developers without exception, so that people mistakenly think that green building is high-end building.

Qiu Baoxing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing and construction, answered whether the cost of green buildings will become a factor in raising house prices

Green building is a broad concept, green does not mean high price and high cost. For example, Yan'an cave is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is not expensive to transform it into a Chinese style green building. There is a kind of building with local characteristics in Xinjiang. Its walls are made of local gypsum and straw with good air permeability, with high heat preservation. In addition, the very local roof is a typical rural green building, with a cost of only 800 yuan / m2, which is cheap Wumart pays attention to the energy consumption, materials, impact on the indoor environment and emission reduction of carbon dioxide gas of the house, so everyone's consensus will form the market demand for green buildings