Is it feasible to develop prefabricated buildings in rural areas? In the next five years, there will be no other structure to contend with


With the rapid development of prefabricated buildings, more and more rural people are interested in this structure. Is it feasible to develop prefabricated buildings in rural areas? Will there be any discounts and subsidies? These problems are very important to the rural people. After all, the high cost of building houses makes more and more people unable to build their own houses. Why not choose another building structure to build their own houses!

Assembly building has become mature in foreign countries. Most of the European and American countries use this type of house as their living place. But in our country, there is not a very mature system for the development of assembly building, and only some large structures will choose this way to build their own.

There are many advantages of prefabricated building, but these are not only: earthquake resistance, fast and pollution-free; however, it can affect the whole construction industry, which is a little too much. Its real advantage lies in: the limited time creates great value, and the slogan of building a house in three days and staying in seven days is very common It also reflects that what we are pursuing is an efficient society.

The prefabricated building is not only the product of big cities, but also enjoyed by rural people. Because the red brick house is not earthquake resistant, it leads to the tragedy. But the introduction of the development of the prefabricated building will greatly improve this situation. It is precisely because the structural components of the prefabricated building are produced in the factory, and the quality assurance is far greater than that of the traditional cast-in-place house There's still scale.

One of the key technologies for aseismic of prefabricated buildings is the connection technology of prefabricated joints. The sleeve is prefabricated in the component, and the reinforcement at the other end is connected by grouting with high-strength grouting material at the construction site. In addition, some prefabricated houses can also strengthen the seismic performance by introducing isolation measures, so the seismic performance of prefabricated buildings constructed with sleeve grouting material for reinforcement connection can generally reach the standard.