Is prefabricated modular building suitable for china rural development?


Now, because of the strong support of the government, prefabricated buildings are developing more and more rapidly in China.

For a long time, the rural housing construction in China has always been brick concrete structure, many people are wondering whether the prefabricated building can be built in rural areas and the cost of the prefabricated building. Of course, the answer is yes, but at present, rural construction has been stagnant, and it is generally believed that the cost of prefabricated buildings is expensive. Since we want to develop prefabricated buildings in rural areas, we should first understand the basic situation of rural housing construction.

[long construction period] Because most of the houses in rural areas are composed of brick and concrete structures, which are easily affected by the weather season, the construction period is generally long, because the construction cost of Mr. Chen is also gradually increasing, so the cost of brick and concrete structures is not low.

[stereotype, lack of design] In fact, all the houses in a village are basically the same and look the same, which leads to the fact that every house is a shape, and now the rural residents generally lack the awareness of environmental protection, so we all prefer brick concrete structure. [quality cannot be guaranteed] Because now there is no strict management system for rural construction housing, usually some construction teams go to build, and the construction quality and workers' safety are not well guaranteed, and the construction waste generated in the process of construction also causes pollution to the environment. So far, the promotion of prefabricated buildings in rural areas has greater advantages. I also hope that the government can continue to explore and develop in this regard, and I believe that China's rural housing construction will also be improved.