Seven mistakes about passive house!

Passive room can be cooled by itself

This statement is wrong!

There is no air conditioning in the passive room. Comfortable fresh air in a passive room is not air conditioning. However, due to the high heat preservation performance and the optimized air tightness of the building, the high-efficiency storage of air cooling capacity at night can be realized in the hot season.


Passive room can be heated by itself

This statement is wrong!

Of course, the passive room needs heating. Only because of the high heat preservation performance and the optimized air tightness of the building, only a small amount of heat is needed.


Passive room without heating

This statement is wrong!

According to the individual heating demand of each building, comfortable fresh air is used. Buildings in special locations will be equipped with additional traditional radiators.


In a passive room, all indoor temperatures can be obtained

This statement is wrong!

Just as all other buildings can't get the set temperature of indoor temperature controller every time, passive room can't get every desired indoor temperature.


You can never open a window in a passive room

This statement is wrong!

The feeling of having to open windows for ventilation comes from the feeling of lack of oxygen caused by the "used" air in traditional buildings. The comfortable fresh air system ensures the uninterrupted supply of fresh air to avoid this situation.


There is a risk of suffocation in the passive room due to its high air tightness

This statement is wrong!

This has nothing to do with the comfortable fresh air system. There is no danger of suffocation.


Users of passive rooms are not allowed to go on vacation, or the room temperature will be greatly reduced

This statement is wrong!

You can go out for a vacation at ease, because the passive room will only lose a little heat when there is no one for a long time. This part of heat loss only comes from the heat or lack of "internal load", such as heat dissipation of human body, cooking, mechanical equipment, etc. Once the room is occupied again, the temperature will quickly return to the state of daily use. Naturally, it is also free to choose whether to set comfortable fresh air system as residential operation mode or to operate in the lowest mode.