Will modular integrated housing (prefabricated building) be the mainstream of architecture in the future?

Recently, a message was swiped in the circle of friends, that is, "Chinese companies built the highest building in Malaysia three days, one floor stunned foreigners". China's city China China's speed and one belt, one road, is now redeveloping the skyline of Malaysia. The total area of the building is 380 thousand square meters of Kuala Lumpur tower. This is the highest building built by Chinese contractors overseas. It is also another landmark of Chinese construction along the "one belt" road. After completion, it will become the twelfth tallest building in the world, and will become the Petronas Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur. Comparable landmark buildings.

It is reported that the project uses the most advanced technology in the world, and the average construction speed of one floor in three days has also set many records. And this technology has no other, that is, modular building. This method has also been widely used in China. In 2015, Changsha built a 57 story high-rise "little Tiancheng" in only 19 days, which shocked the world. The building uses sustainable building modular materials, 95% of the work volume is completed in the factory. It is constructed by workers day and night, combined in the way of "LEGO" building blocks, and can also resist the earthquake of magnitude 9.

So, the author is thinking about the big high-rise buildings, whether they are relatively grounded, for example, houses, such as small high-rise buildings in the community, can be built like this, wake up and don't dream, but wipe the Hara water, get up and check the Internet, let alone really have, is modular integrated houses.

Modular integration is a kind of temporary or permanent house with specialized design, standardization, modularization, general production, easy demolition, installation, transportation, storage, multiple reuse and turnover. The main structural components are made on the assembly line of the housing factory and transported to the construction site. The installation workers assemble the main structure on the site to realize the component factory prefabrication and on-site assembly construction. No wet operation, less noise, dust and garbage, less affected by the climate; no clay brick, removable and recyclable.

The modular integrated building is mainly made of light steel structure, which adopts high-strength steel keel as the bearing structure of the building to improve its yield point strength; in addition, there are new types of section steel, such as H-section steel (also known as wide flange section steel), T-section steel and profiled steel plate to meet the needs of larger span structures and super high-rise buildings.

The on-site construction period of modular integrated house is 10% - 30% of that of traditional building mode. Generally, the wall thickness of brick concrete structure houses is mostly 240mm, while that of mobile houses is less than 240mm in the same area. The indoor usable area of integrated houses is much larger than that of traditional brick concrete structure houses, and the actual usable area of integrated buildings is about 10% higher than that of the houses built with brick structure. In addition, a traditional three-story small building, less 200000-300000, more about 50W. The cost of a square meter of steel structure house is between 600-1000 yuan, only 1% - 10% of the housing in the same area. In addition, it is very safe to resist the M 8 earthquake.

Of course, the first reason is that when you build this house in the early stage, the cost is greater than the cost of your brick concrete structure. Second, the exterior wall and roof of the steel structure are also made of metal structure. If you do not use heat insulation materials, it will be very cold in winter and hot in summer, because the metal thermal conductivity is high. Third, the fireproof and anticorrosive performance of steel structure is not as high as that of concrete, so the general housing can be ignored.

In fact, is there an example? A netizen on the Internet is asking, my family is going to build a three-story steel structure house, asking: is light steel structure house safe? Is it good to use bricks or steel structure?

The answer is: of course, no matter what structure form, as long as the design and construction are reasonable, of course, do not encounter rare natural disasters should be safe.

In reality, in a sales center, a beautiful modular house has been built like a building block for several days. It has become a reality in Xinxiang City, Urumqi city and Beijing city of Henan Province. With the advent of new building industrialization, such a seemingly strange scene is becoming a reality in many places. As long as the parts are assembled according to the design drawings, a building can be built in a short time. Will modular integration house be the mainstream of the future architecture? Will it be the "Alipay" of tomorrow's construction industry?